2012 Materials





Amalia Agathou S-commerce PDF Soon
Amalia Agathou Digital Trends for Fashion PDF YouTube
Kamil Bargiel,
Michał Sadowski,
Jan Zając,
Krzysztof Krejtz
How social media are changing the Rules of the Game? N/A YouTube
Alex Barrera Aikistartup PDF YouTube
David Bizer The Only Thing That Matters => People PDF YouTube
Marting Boegelsack,
Artur Karasiński
NFC as a business Soon Soon
Jon Bradford The ugly side of accelerators KEY Soon
Jon Bradford,
Paul Jozefak,
Krzysztof Kowalczyk,
Anastasia Leng,
Paul Papadimitriou,
Bridgette Sexton,
Natasha Starkell
Startup's culture N/A YouTube
Paul Bragiel,
Mamoon Hamid
Open Q&A N/A YouTube
Paul Bragiel,
Dan Bragiel,
Mamoon Hamid
Open Q&A N/A YouTube
Dan Bragiel,
Jawed Karim
Open Q&A N/A YouTube
Don Dodge The explosion of mobile, the end of the PC era PDF YouTube
John Draper History of Hacking PDF YouTube
Ben Dressler Better than fun? PDF YouTube
Lidia Janoszka Social games - how did we get here and where to now? PDF YouTube
Benjamin Joffe Games As Civilizations - The Opportunity For New Lands PDF Soon
Paul Jozefak Disrupting Innovation: How Not To Innovate PDF Soon
Michał Juda,
Jan Stasz
E-commerce and social-commerce in the lifestyle industry. How to create and run effective tool for fashion brands - case study of SHWRM.COM PDF Soon
Krzysztof Krejtz Media consumption, ACTA and creativity - social engagement & creative capital of Polish internet users Soon Soon
Anastasia Leng Entrepreneurship in a Digital Age PDF YouTube
Paul Papadimitriou Lessons from the future: digital innovation in Japan Soon YouTube
Ziemowit Poniewierski Breaking old rules – a social games company codex PDF YouTube
Ziemowit Poniewierski The future of Facebook as a platform to play. What Facebook is now and what changes await developers in the coming months N/A YouTube
Christoph Raethke Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley: Turning American start-up know how into a European success story PDF YouTube
Markus Schulz Fiat Lux Copernicus - Facing the challenge of the 21st centuries money production PDF Soon
Kate Scisel M-commerce: Becoming Iron Man PDF YouTube
Szymon Słupik Future Hardware PDF Soon
Magdalena Sroka Meeting with Krakow Authorities N/A YouTube
Natasha Starkell Going Global from Eastern Europe PREZI YouTube
Michał Wolniak How much money can you make on nonsense? PDF Soon
Paweł Wyborski How personalized product recommendations can help selling online PDF Soon