Krakow is called the magical city, and not without reason. With beautiful architecture representing different styles and time periods, stylish cafés and a variety of cultural events, Krakow attracts visitors form around the world, providing wonderfully rich experiences.
From the picturesque Main Market with its XIII Century Cloth Hall and St. Mary's Church to the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK, from breathtaking Wawel Castle to intimate cafés in Kazimierz district, Krakow offers something for everyone. No matter what you enjoy the most – tracing marks of bygone centuries, experiencing art or simply enjoying evening with your friends - you will find it here. 
Aside from its cultural and historical heritage, Krakow offers great opportunities for business and new technology sectors, making the city a great place for new investments.

That is why we have decided to hold BitSpiration here, in Krakow. We hope you'll enjoy the city and it's atmosphere as much as we do.