about the conference


We don’t want bitspiration to be a regular conference. We tried to select those elements which make a meeting extraordinary. We think it’s about the people you have a chance to meet at the event, the atmosphere formed by the organizers, the availability and openness of speakers which are the features that distinguish people associated with the new technologies. 

Central Europe joins the new ecosystem. On the Old Continent we can already see a lot of things happening on the startup scene. Berlin, London, Paris has recently started to intensely compete for Europe’s leading innovator title. Each of these cities would like to be called Europe’s Silicon Valley. We would like Poland, especially Krakow, to join the group which focuses on new technologies. So far, our region was considered as a good place for outsourcing services. It is here that R&D Motorola, Google, IBM created local offices and companies such as Sabre and Ericsson localized large software departments. We believe that we can go a step further.

Why Krakow?

Mainly because it is a city with tradition. Krakow was the capital of European trade, that was a place where East and West met. As in the past, it ran trade routes and was a place for exchanging goods, now it is the time to exchange knowledge, ideas and support creativity. We want Krakow to regain its power and again become a place of European information exchange.