Michał Wolniak

Creative director of Grow App, Creative director of the Heureka Group.

He led strategic and creative projects for major brands and full service advertising agencies in Poland, editor of TV entertainment programs, including the one with Wojciech Mann, Krzysztof Materna and Tadeusz Sznuk. In 2001 he created a full service advertising agency Heureka, later transformed into a marketing group. The author of the first Polish advertising campaigns in the advertainment formula, a pioneer of social marketing: projects based mainly on social media already implemented in 2004. He created the first commercial blogs, marketing projects based on branded content, the most famous fansites on Facebook, planning digital strategies for leading brands. Projects in which he played a leading role were awarded the Golden Drum festival, the Golden Arrow, Mixx Awards, the Golden Eagles, KTR, Golden Clip and Webstar. In 2011 he founded the Grow App - a company producing mobile applications. Grow production plans are very ambitious App: 2 applications per month, a global launch, just brilliant ideas :).

Time of Presentation: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 17.00-17.30, Track: "Future Hardware + Mobile + Games"

Topic of Presentation: How much money can you make on nonsense?

Abstract of Presentation: Really, a million bucks? Five millions? A billion? 99% of people still don't understand, that smartphone is not only a gadget, but the best invention since ages. And that smartphones would cause a giant, global, unprecedented eruption of creativity. On which, of course, sb can make a lot of money.