Lukasz Misiukanis

CEO of Socializer SA Previously associated with Synerway SA for 8 years, where he was a co-founder and a long-term vice president (the company specializes in creating e-marketing campaigns and delivering IT solutions for tourism industry). In the meantime founder and originator of many companies in Poland and abroad. Professionally, interested in all that is related to e-commerce, growth of the Internet and social media. Speaker on many conferences and active commentator of interactive industry. Member of Mensa Poland, addicted to Facebook, Italian sports cars fan, parachute jumper, is currently undertaking a pilot course, loves speed and altitude.

Time of Presentation: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 16.00-16.30, Track: "E-commerce + Payments + Media"

Topic of Presentation: How social media are changing the Rules of the Game?

Abstract of Presentation: TBD