Kate Scisel

Kate Scisel is Co-Founder and CEO of Sugentum, a technology startup that specializes in turning your web shop into a fully integrated mobile shop in 5 minutes. 

She has been working on IT projects since 2007, helping other IT companies set up and manage their entities.

She was a member of the founding team that brought the TEDx spirit to Krakow when organizing the very first conference in 2010.

She’s still a fan and supporter of TEDx inniciatives, founded TEDxKrakowCinema, TEDxKrakow regular monthly meetings.

Passionate about new technologies, languages, dance and human behavior.

LinkedIn: Kate Scisel

Twitter: twitter.com/KateScisel

Time of Presentation: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 11.40-12.10, Track: "E-commerce + Payments + Media"

Topic of Presentation: M-commerce: Becoming Iron Man

Abstract of Presentation: Human beings have been evolving alongside their devices since the beginning of mankind. Kate Scisel is going to prove how we are all becoming Iron Man and what effects it may have on our lives.