Paweł Wyborski

Paweł Wyborski is CEO at Quartic - personalized recommendation engine.

He was graduated from Warsaw University of Technology (The Faculty of Electronics and Information&Mathematics and Information Science). He has a reach experience in customer relationship management and one2one marketing. He is an expert in building customer value, implementation of personalization in marketing and the use of advanced methods of data analysis for business activities. In 2011 he introduce Quartic recommendations engine in the polish market, and today this is the market leader. Pawel started his career at Orange, Since 2005 he has been a co-owner of Data Force Group - the data mining company, where Quartic recommendations engine was developed.

Time of Presentation: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 15.30-16.00, Track: "E-commerce + Payments"

Topic of Presentation: How personalized product recommendations can help selling online

Abstract of Presentation: Personalized product recommendations are standard in most e-shops now. reported that 20% of whole sales are effected by their recommendations engine. There are a lot of recommendations methods that we could use in our websites and it is very important to know how to use them to maximizes their business value. I will present some business and technical aspects of implementing recommendations engine and case study.