Christoph Raethke

Christoph is in Internet projects and content since 1996, starting his first (unsuccessful) startup in 1999. When joining T-Mobile International in 2002, he got seriously involved with the Mobile Internet industry. He co-founded the Berlin chapter of Mobile Monday, the largest global community of "Mobile" startups, developers, and agencies, in 2008. Until 2012, Christoph organized and hosted MoMo Berlin's quarterly events, with a mission to make the industry more transparent and accessible.

In 2010/11, Christoph ran two semesters of the Berlin Founder Institute, helping entrepreneurs to shape their ideas and businesses in order to make them sustainable and fundable. Currently, he is working on launching, a unique accelerator program that addresses both founders and managers from Germany's big corporations. Starting late October, Polish founders are very much invited to join.

Time of Presentation: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 11.00-11.30, Track: "Innovation + Startups + VCs"

Topic of Presentation: Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley: Turning American start-up know how into a European success story

Abstract of Presentation: Chris will discuss the most important points that founders need to have down to validate their idea and do a credible pitch to the u.s. and german ecosystem (be positive about competitors, look for a fast-growing niche, do your financials bottom up, extensively use the existing networks etc.) Afterwards, he'd "open the floor to Q&A regarding Berlin's ecosystem, why&how Berlin Startup Academy was born, how Hubraum was born.