Ben Dressler

Ben Dressler is doing research on the motivational processes in game elements. He has studied Psychology at the Universities of Düsseldorf (Germany) and Maastricht (The Netherlands), obtained his Bachelor of Science in 2010 and is currently on the finishing line for his Master of Science. The questions he is interested in are: Why are games so immersive? What parts of human functioning account for that? And why doesn’t he give up after failing an Angry Birds level for the hundredth time? Together with the indie game developer Yoone Ben has started putting research on these topics to the test. For the upcoming browser action game TankWars he created an indie approach to Game User Research, combining established theories from motivation research with the least expensive methods for data collection, surveys and heuristic-based reviews. Rather unrelated, Ben also directed a short film on online gaming that has been viewed over one million times.

Time of Presentation: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 12.05-12.35

Topic of Presentation: Better than fun?

Abstract of Presentation: We're going to look at why fun is not a good concept for user experience design in games and applications. I will point at findings from motivational research that offer better alternatives and present a case study: We'll look at how psychological theory is put to use in playtesting the indie 3D browser game "TankWars".