Ziemowit Poniewierski

Ziemowit Poniewierski, COO, Can't Stop Games

One of the most experienced game designers in Poland. During his long-lasting career, he created many successful productions for mobile platforms, consoles and PCs and became an acclaimed authority on game design. Ziemowit supports the education of game-making professionals and shares his knowledge on a number of game creating conferences. 

In 2007 he turned his attention to the most dynamic part of computer games industry – the social games. Ziemowit is a co-founder and COO of Can’t Stop Games. He coordinates the work of specialised teams within the company and has the last word on matters of game design.

Time of Presentation: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 10.20-10.50, Track: "Future Hardware + Mobile + Games"

Topic of Presentation: Breaking old rules – a social games company codex

Abstract of Presentation: TBD

Time of Presentation: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 15.20-15.50

Topic of Presentation: The future of Facebook as a platform to play. What Facebook is now and what changes await developers in the coming months

Abstract of Presentation: TBD