Szymon Słupik

Futurist, Researcher, Entrepreneur, CEO, HomerSoft sp. z o.o.

Szymon spends most of the time imagining how the world will look like in five or ten years. Being passionate about connectivity and mobility, he makes a living as a consultant, collaborative researcher, private investor and entrepreneur.

In the past Szymon was an active software developer and architect. Later as CTO and CEO of his companies he has worked with major mobile carriers, introducing a number of innovative value added services, used by tens of millions of people. He has been involved in several startups, poised to materialize his new ideas, and in public companies with high potential and vision.

Today Szymon is back to square one, starting his new company, HomerSoft. The company with the goal to be in the center of the Internet of Things.

Szymon can be followed on his weekly updated blog at

Time of Presentation: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 15.30-16.00, Track: "Future Hardware + Mobile + Games"

Topic of Presentation: Future Hardware

Abstract of Presentation: Is offline a valid state of existence? Does PC stand for a Personal Computer or a Personal Coupler? What is the last foot bandwidth problem? How copper is being replaced by software? What happens when every thing will be connected? The Internet of today is about connectivity among human brains. The Internet of tomorrow is about connectivity among autonomous things. We will explore what will improve the Internet of Brains and will look into the Internet of Things. But the ultimate question is what will happen when the two Internets merge into one...