Paul Bragiel

p bragiel photo Paul Bragiel is a co-founder and managing partner at i/o ventures, an early stage startup accelerator which operates out of a funky workspace+cafe in San Francisco.

Previous he has founded and served as the CEO of 3 companies including:

Lefora, a product bringing forums into the 21st century, proudly hosting over 100,000+ unique communities. Meetro, the first location based social network. Paragon Five, a game development studio specializing in console and mobile content with offices in Chicago and Krakow, Poland.

He often advises governments on entrepreneurship and policy that encourages startup ecosystems.

His interests include projects that involve travel, fashion, entertainment, and technologies that encourage communication and networking. He has appeared on television in at least five different countries and is one of the authors of Game Programming Gems 4.

He has a strong background as a liaison for companies looking to establish operations in central & eastern europe.

Outside of work, he has toured Russia by train (starting in Siberia), bicycled across the United States (riding over 5,000 km), canoed the entire Mississippi River (paddling over 2,300 miles) and visited 70+ countries including the birth of a nation.

He likes to surround himself with people from various backgrounds especially those with a “jack of all trades” streak in them. Besides that, he aspires to drive a taxi and work at a hot dog stand in New York when retired.

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Topic of Presentation: Open Q&A

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